Start a file with images, colors and layouts that inspire you.  Choose pictures that show elements of design, both product (cabinets, appliances, etc.) and layouts you are drawn to. is a great place to get started!


Create a wish-list of appliances that you’d like to include in your new space.  If you’ve already selected your appliances bring along the model numbers to assist us in designing around those.


Bring to your appointment blueprints or a floor plan with measurements of your space. 

Measuring Your Space:

For those without a blueprint, you can easily measure your kitchen or bath following a few easy steps. 

*NOTE:  the floor plan does not need to be to scale

1.  Start by drawing a box clearly marking the approximate location of all windows and doors.

2.  Measure the distance from your starting corner to the outside of the first window or door casing.

*  Window and door width dimensions should include casing (window trim)

3.  Measure from the outside edge to the opposite outside edge of the window or door.  This is the window width. 

4.  Measure from there to the next corner or obstruction.

5.  After measuring all short distances (corner to window, window width, window to next corner, etc.), measure the full length of the wall.  The short distances should add up to the full wall length.

*  Measurements should always be taken along the wall, not along the floor.

6.  Continue around the room until you have all walls clearly measured.

7.  Note any other obstructions, such as radiators, built-ins, etc..

8.  Measure floor to ceiling height.

9.  If you have a kitchen table which will need to be included in the design, measure its dimensions.

*  If you are unable to measure on your own, an Expo staff member can meet you on site to measure for you.