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Expo Kitchen and Bath has grown in over 16 years of business to become a successful design firm with an at-home feel that makes customers comfortable. The large percentage of client, and friend referred business that Expo has received over the years is a testament to the work they do; taking time with clients and offering efficient designs with bold solutions. Evident of founder Becky Gregory's early civil engineering design experience, Expo’s kitchen and bath designs are still hand drawn. Ample time is taken with each client to ensure they understand their designs and that they best fit their lifestyle and personal flair.

Clients are encouraged to bring in floor samples and paint chips for a second or third opinion. They often report back after moving into their new space, saying they have more storage space than they ever thought possible.

From early on Becky forged relationships with two Michigan based cabinet companies that offer custom to semi-custom cabinets, and a price range that allows customers to have their dream kitchen without breaking the bank. She has expanded Expo's offerings to include green options and an ever-increasing range of design elements. True to Becky's philosophy, Expo designers will never look at the space that is given to them as “the only space available”, instead they will find out-of-the-box solutions that can be tweaked and reigned in if need be, because she never wants a client to wake up one morning with an “if only we had tried that” feeling after the project is complete.


BECKY GREGORY- founder, designer

Becky began her career as a civil engineer, designing land plots for single family homes and condos.  She gained home and kitchen design experience at the architecture firm Levitt and Sons, and at KSI Kitchen & Bath before opening Expo Kitchen and Bath in 1991.

Never afraid to move a wall or completely change the location of a room, Becky’s clients have come to expect a fresh and often bold approach to designs that have quickly won her the loyalty of builders and homeowners in and around Ann Arbor. Becky has a reputation for thinking about spaces in a new a creative way.

DALLAS ADAIR- designer

After graduating with a degree in marketing from Eastern Michigan University Dallas joined Expo Kitchen and Bath in January of 1997.

Dallas brings a contemporary flair to her designs where she helps clients turn less than useful spaces into rooms that are both functional and attractive. 

Dallas’ ultimate strengths and areas of expertise are not only in functional design but also in taking the stress out of home building and remodel projects by connecting immediately with her clients and helping them find the fun in visualizing and achieving their ultimate vision.


Pattie’s passion for home design began at age eight and for over 15 years she has been professionally helping others in the areas of home and living space design for numerous organizational and remodel projects.

Pattie Joined the Expo Kitchen and Bath team in the winter of 2004 and since has focused on kitchen and bath design for new construction homes as well as small to large remodel projects.

Pattie is also a skilled cook who has spent countless hours dicing and sautéing.  Her time in the kitchen has inspired her, not only in beautiful but also practical kitchen designs that make her a favorite among clients; both builders and homeowners.

Pattie is not only a skilled designer, she also has a passion for green and eco-friendly products.  Her goal is to help her clients realize their dreams of a place to entertain, a place to prepare healthful meals, or simply a gathering place for family and friends.

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